Unique, extremely Complex White Wine

Crossing: Seyve Villard 5-276 x (Riesling x Ruländer) crossed 1960 of Dr. J. Zimmermann at national Weinbauinstitut in Freiburg

Vine variety: Merzling (originally known as Fr. 993-60) Mother: Seyve Villard 5-276 (Seyval) Father: Fr. 375-52 (Riesling x Ruländer) Year of breeding: Country of origin: Germany Year of entry into the German Federal Office's Varieties Register: Breeder/License holder: Staatliches Weinbauinstitut Freiburg Number of clones: 0 Area planted in Germany in : hectares Wine Character - colour: - bouquet: - palate: fruity, full-bodied and 'neutral' In many blind tastings it has been judged better than Riesling Time of bud-burst: Strength of growth: strong, very upright Growth of side-shoots: low Flowering time: Flowering strength: high Leaf: - size: - shape: - colour: - surface undulation: - petiolar sinus: Tough, strong leaf-wall which stays green for a long time in autumn and which resists slight early frost (-1° to -2°C) Grape bunch: - size: large, very strong stems - density: tight Berries: - size: large, juicy - shape: - skin colour: green
Time of veraison: Time of harvest: late; grapes can be left on the vine for a long time Grape yield: very high Must-weight: medium Must-acidity: medium-high Wood ripening: good Winter hardiness: very good Wood colour: Chlorosis resistance: Susceptibility to - Oidium: average - Peronospora: very low - Botrytis: low - Roter Brenner: - Phomopsis - Stem-atrophy: In some years it can manage without any treatment against fungal diseases Preferred soil: Suitable rootstocks: SO4 Normal stem height: Normal row spacing: 1.8 to 2.0m Vine spacing in the row: Winter Pruning: eyes/buds per sq. metre of land occupied by the plant. Advantages: Very high yield, very easy to grow, high quality wine.

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